Sweater Sleeve Leg Warmers

Click here to learn how to make your own sweater sleeve leg warmers!

Kid makers, we know you’re growing out of stuff all the time. Use your maker skills to transform last winter’s outgrown sweater into super comfy leg warmers that are one of a kind! It’s a simple and green way to reuse a sweater that’s not in good enough condition to donate to a thrift store. (Plus, your kid sister would look totally adorable in these on her way to ballet class!)

Upcycle an old sweater into kicky leg warmers with these simple instructions from the I Could Make That Blog. The secret of why this works SO well is …

that the sleeves already have elastic in their cuffs and a natural stretch in the sweater weave to help them hold to your legs! What else could you make from cutting up an old sweater? How could existing parts of the original design – like button closures, cuffs, collars or ruffles – give you a jumpstart to redesign something new? Redesign is innovation!

Stay calm and make on.

*SAFETY NOTE: Invite an adult to help you use the sewing machine for this project, though you could easily hand sew that step, if you prefer.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


3 Responses to Sweater Sleeve Leg Warmers

  1. Melodie Rattanasinh says:

    Leg warmers that are made from natural cotton fibers are the best because it keeps more heat compared to synthetic fibers. :”*;, Regards vitamin side effects resource

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