Backyard Zip Line

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Kid makers, can you imagine zooming across your backyard on your own zip line? A zip line is a tight, inclined cord that has a handle on a pulley. You grab the handle, lift your feet and the pulley and gravity “zip” you down to the lower end! Professional zip lines can be as high as rainforest treetops. If you don’t have your own rainforest, build a safer, lower version to zoom down with your friends in your own backyard.

(Now, we know what you’re thinking: “YIKES!” But with an adult helper and common sense, a low zip line can be tons of fun and no more dangerous than anything on a normal playground.)

Here are some instructions, kits and ideas for how to begin . . .

Check out these simple instructions  to build a zip line of your own design. If a DIY kit is more your speed, we found these great options from, appropriate for kids from ages 5 and up.

The zip line can be just the beginning of a backyard obstacle course you design yourself! Combine this with Water Bottle Sprinkler, Backyard Bike Wash and Homemade Water Slide and you’ll transform your whole yard! Start with these simple ideas and, as always, build on it with your own creativity for a new summer of play.

Stay calm and make on!

SAFETY NOTE: Definitely grab an adult helper for this one, to help you refine your design, check safety before your ride and tighten the rope enough to support your weight.


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