Upcycled T-shirt Mother’s Day Gifts

T-shirt Flower Ring – Click here to learn how from Homemade Ginger!

Somewhere in the back of your drawers, kid-makers, is an old t-shirt just waiting for you to make an awesome Mother’s Day gift out of it. Surprised? Makers enjoy upcycling tees because the jersey knit doesn’t need to be hemmed, so you can make tons of projects without even needing to sew!

We hunted the internet to find the greatest wearable gifts for mom out of old t-shirts:

  • Flower Ring by Homemade Ginger. Huge photos and easy steps make this a project you’ll be excited to try over and over again, kid-makers!
  • Braided Belts by Delia Creates. Delia’s very clear, simple tutorial with great photos of each step will inspire you (and teach you how to braid, if you haven’t learned yet!).
  • Sleeve Headbands by Maybe Matilda. This  gives you a base to decorate with anything that suits your mom’s style.
  • T-shirt Apron by Ruffles & Stuff. Hip moms will like this cool apron for chores or gardening.
  • T-shirt Scarf/Necklace by HelloGiggles. T-shirt necklaces and scarves are ALL OVER the internet. HelloGiggles will get you started on the main idea, then you can go crazy with braiding, beads, old buttons, feathers, really anything you want to make a one-of-a-kind gift.

*SAFETY NOTE: An adult or older sibling could help with cutting shirts with sharp scissors. One or two of these projects recommend a sewing machine but you could also use iron-on hem tape.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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