Water Bottle Sprinkler

Kid-makers, we know you just can’t wait to run into the sunshine this summer break to play. This cool project idea can quickly turn your backyard into a DIY water park!

Click the photo for project instructions from Curbly.com

Click here for instructions from Curbly.com on how to make your own backyard sprinkler out of an empty water bottle, old ball point pens and a garden hose. You do need 2 things you won’t have lying around the house but together they cost less than your $5 allowance.

And why stop at one? Add a garden hose splitter . . .

and make more sprinklers to spray you from all angles! Just remember  that each sprinkler you add to the same faucet will lower the water pressure.

And why only a water bottle? Raid your recycle bin for crazy shapes and sizes. Or try something other than a ball point pen! As always,  tell us about your creative adventures making water bottle sprinklers at info@makeshopshow.com.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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