Upcycled Necktie Father’s Day Gifts

Necktie Wallet – Click here to learn how!

The old joke is that all dads get neckties for Father’s Day. But not your dad – YOUR dad is lucky enough to have a kid-maker! Makers love using old things in surprising new ways – its earth-friendly and, in the case of Father’s Day, can put a hip new spin on familiar gifts.

So we hunted the internet for the greatest gifts for dad made from old neckties:

  • Wallet by AllFreeSewing.com. This helpful how-to includes a video and step-by-step instructions to make a wallet with keychain. (With a longer wrist loop, your mom might like this, too!)
  • Coffee Cup Cozy by Aqua and Lime Studio. It’s a hug for his mug! Make a whole set of these for your dad to use each morning on his way to work.
  • Guitar Strap by eHow. This is a super-simple project that you could also adapt to be a camera strap.
  • Cell-Phone Case by RePlayGround. This step-by-step video teaches you the basics, then you can make easy adjustments to fit the size of your dad’s phone.

As we were finding these, we came across makers who used neckties of grandpas who had passed away to remember them and keep something that belonged to them close by. Whoever’s tie you use – whether your grandpa’s, dad’s or a vintage tie from the thrift store – let us know what you make with it at info@makeshopshow.com.

*SAFETY NOTE: An adult or older sibling could help you with cutting ties with sharp scissors or using an iron. One or two of these projects recommend a sewing machine but you could also use iron-on hem tape or practice your hand sewing with an older friend.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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