Hula Hoop Rag Rug

Hula Hoop Rag Rug. Click here to learn how to make one from Disney FamilyFun!

Here at THE MAKESHOP SHOW™, kid-makers are always telling us how much they love making things out of simple stuff they already have at home. So we couldn’t wait to show share this great project for you to try!

Create your own giant rug out of old t-shirts and your favorite hula hoop with these simple instructions from Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine. Click here to learn how.

We found other ideas for this project over at the blog Sisters Guild, like stitching multiple rugs together, or using a rectangular frame for a rectangular rug! They suggest using hula hoop rag rugs for easy picnics, play mats or spots to kneel on while gardening. Click here to read more. We also think a rug could be a great gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

Get weaving, kid-makers, and don’t forget that we love to see what you’ve made. Send us notes and photos at Stay calm and make on!

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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