Vegetable Instruments

Image: Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

Kid-makers, you are never going to believe this. There is a whole entire orchestra that performs music on VEGETABLES. Check out this video , showing the musical makers of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra choosing their veggies at the market, drilling carrots and radishes to build their instruments, then performing live in a concert hall. Did you know that you could just pull a veggie out of the fridge and make a clarinet, drum or kazoo? This is The MAKESHOP™ Show, so of course we’ll show you how!

Below are videos and instructions to make your own vegetable instruments

  • This clear video will teach YOU how to make a carrot clarinet with zany instrument maker Linsey Pollak. Plus, it’s a super cool way to use your math skills.
  • Click here for instructions on how to make a carrot kazoo, pepper shaker, melon drum or radish scraper from the Growing Sound website. Their simple videos come with step-by-step “recipes” to help you along.

Can’t you just imagine surprising your whole family by performing “Happy Birthday” to your little brother on a cauliflower?

*SAFETY NOTE: Lots of these vegetable instruments involve using tools (sometimes power tools) on a smallish vegetable. We recommend an adult helper and good safety practices like using a vice and taking your time.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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