Upcycle Your Flip Flops

Kid-makers, we know you like redesigning things to suit your own style … AND you love to be good to the earth. Check out these simple instructions for how to create your own custom sandals from the soles of old or broken flip flops!

Click here to braid your own flip flop straps!

Start by cutting the thong off and removing the ends from the base to start your new flip flops with just the rubber sole. (You’ll want to ask an adult for help with this part, since it requires a sharp blade.)

  • DIY Sandals from BurdaStyle: We love these great photos and step-by-steps for making new straps. Keep scrolling for a 2nd lesson in Friendship Bracelet flip flops!
  • Sandals from an old t-shirt from Etsy’s How-Tuesday blog: What can’t you make out of an old t-shirt?!
  • “Knot So Hard” (get it?) fabric flip flops from The Mother Huddle: These are super cute, girl makers!
  • Braided strap sandals by make it and love it: If you know how to braid, you can make these very simply.

You can also combine this idea with …

some other MAKESHOP Show™ projects! Braid in some cool hardware like we do in the Hardware Jewelry video. Or make new straps by ironing plastic bags, as we show you in Plastic Fusion. Show us YOUR custom sandals by sending a photo to info@makeshopshow.com. Happy upcycling, kid-makers!

*SAFETY NOTE: Because you’re using a sturdy rubber sole, sharp tools are part of these projects. Ask an adult helper for a hand whenever you use sharp tools and use your smarts to keep safe.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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