Part I: Sock Stuffed Animals …. That Make Noise!

Click here to learn to make a sock dog from Create Studio

Making your own sock stuffed animal is fun and creative. But as kid-makers, we know you like to do things that are SUPER fun and creative! In this set of 2 posts, we’ll guide you to the info you’ll need to make your own sockanimal that actually talks, beeps or sings.

Check out Part II of this project to learn about how to make your sock animal beep, honk or speak using the maker technique of circuit bending …

When you’re making your sock animal, remember to leave an open seam in the body part where you want to insert the noise-maker and don’t overstuff to allow room for that part to come.

*SAFETY NOTE: We recommend and adult helper anytime you’re sewing, since you’re working with needles and scissors. We particularly recommend an adult for circuit bending, which can involve some sharp objects and basic soldering, depending on the parts involved.

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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