Homemade Water Slide

Click here for instructions from the We Made That blog.

Summer isn’t over yet, kid-makers, and we know you’re still looking for ways to turn your backyard into a water park! Add to the splashy fun of the  Water Bottle Sprinkler and Backyard Bike Wash projects we posted earlier this summer with your own homemade waterslide! Some people call these “slip and slides”, after the popular toy.

Slip and slides are simple to make and super fun for adults and kids alike. The kind you buy at the store, though, can be too narrow or too short, which is why when lots of folks think of slip and slides they think of ….. grass burns!

As makers, we like to improve on things so that they work better. That’s part of why we loved these instructions of how to make your own slip and slide that’s 10 feet wide by 25 feet long from the We Made That blog! In fact, you can even buy plastic rolls at the hardware store that are 10 feet wide by 100 feet long for as little as $5.

Helpful Tips:

  • Choose your water slide location thoughtfully, considering if you want it to be flat or on a hill and if you can damage the grass in that spot. Clear the location of any rocks and sticks.
  • Other maker sites recommend using baby shampoo to make your slip and slide extra slippery! Baby shampoo works best because it won’t sting your eyes.
  • Duct tape the top edge of the slide to the grass, so it’s a smooth seam if you hit it during your belly-flop-drop onto the slide.

Keep in mind that a slip and slide is just as fun in the summer rain! As long as it isn’t stormy, this is a rainy day project that gets you OUTSIDE to enjoy the water.  MAKE the most of these final days of summer, kid-makers.

*SAFETY NOTE: Homemade water slides carry some risks, particular for users with larger bodies. Make sure the slide is plenty large, plenty wet, plenty slippery and that you always play with friends in case of an emergency.

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