Glow in the Dark Projects

Fall is here and the days are getting shorter. The sun sets earlier and earlier until it’s dark before supper! Of course, here at The MAKESHOP Show that inspires us to make things – things  that gloooooowww in the daaaaark. (And just in time for Halloween!)

We hunted the internet for the coolest Glow in the Dark Projects for kid-makers just like you!

Click here for Glow in the Dark Nail Polish instructions from Cut Out + Keep!

Why do these materials glow?

Many of these projects use familiar things like highlighters, laundry detergent and glow sticks in surprising new ways. When you make them, you’re making with photoluminescent materials that react to light in different ways. Two different types are fluorescence and phosphorescence – click here for a quick explanation and gallery of examples from Dr. Helmenstine at Making + chemistry = awesome projects.

Stay calm and glow on, kid-makers!

*SAFETY NOTE: While all of these projects can be done with kid-safe, non-toxic substances, ALWAYS check your labels to make sure that the highlighters or glow sticks you’re using are that kind. Never eat, drink or sniff chemicals of any kind, even if they are normal household chemicals.  Stay safe and make on, kid-makers!

© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


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