Party Pennants

To celebrate MAKESHOP’s First Birthday,  we presented this simple sewing project for making party pennants.

This project is perfect for makers just learning to sew and a great way customize your next bash!

Here’s our step-by-step instructions for party pennants.  You can also download our Party Pennant How To.

*SAFETY NOTE: Sewing by hand is best to learn with an adult helper until you build your confidence and experience.  Remember kid makers, store and use sewing pins and needles with care and never hold pins or needles in your mouth while working.

Step 1:  Make a Pattern A sewing pattern is a paper guide, usually exactly the same size and shape as the fabric pieces you’ll use for your project.

  • Draw an isosceles triangle on the construction paper, the desired size of your pennants. An isosceles triangle as 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles less than 90 degrees.
    • Start by drawing the top, shorter line
    • Find the center by measuring the line and dividing by 2
    • Sketch a straight line down from center
    • Connect each end of the short line to the center line
    • Cut out the isosceles triangle. This is your pattern!

Step 2: Make the Fabric Triangles

  • Pin the pattern to a piece of fabric
  • Cut the fabric only around the border of the pattern.
  • Do this twice, so that you have 2 matching triangles. (They can be different fabrics)
  • Decorate your fabric triangles! If you want your pennants to say something, add each letters to the fabric triangles during this step.

Step 3: Sewing

  • Pin 2 fabric triangles together, with the most vivid side of the fabrics facing each other.
  • Hand sew around the two long sides of the triangle.
  • Do not sew the short side of the triangle yet.
  • When finished, turn the fabric inside out, so now the vivid sides are facing out!

Step 4: Make It a Pennant!

  • Lay the ribbon on top of the short edge of your triangle
  • Sew the ribbon to the triangle. This seals your short edge and attaches the triangle to the ribbon.
  • Repeat! Attach as many triangles as you like, at an even distance from one another down the ribbon.
  • Hang your ribbon to decorate beautifully with something you MADE YOURSELF.

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