Sweater Sleeve Slippers

Kid makers, you are growing all the time, growing right out of last year’s winter sweaters. Transform those old sweaters into cool new slippers – maker style!

Click here for instructions from the Organized Everyday blog.

Sweater sleeves are a great beginning to make other things (like one of our favorite projects, Sweater Sleeve Leg Warmers). By using the existing cuff and sleeve in your design, it only takes a few adaptations to make something new.

That’s what maker mom Jena did to make darling rainbow striped sweater sleeve slippers. She teaches you how to do it, too, over at her blog, Organized Everyday. Click here or on the photo for full instructions and pictures of each step.

You’ll need these materials:

  • 2 old sweater sleeves
  • Paper and pencil to trace your foot for the sole
  • Fleece, mock suede or other scraps of heavier fabric for the sole
  • Pins
  • Thick sewing needle and yarn for hand sewing

This is a super easy hand sewing project perfect for kid makers or adult makers new to sewing. It also introduces you to one of the fundamental spatial thinking skills of sewing: crafting something inside-out so it looks right when reversed.

This project makes GREAT gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day! So save those outgrown sweaters, kid makers, to keep calm and make on!


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