Warm Fuzzies Hand Warmers

By Guest Maker Theresa Baughmanfinale

These rice filled heating pads are great for colds, toothaches, muscle aches, cold winter days, glove warmers, heating pads, headaches and more. They are a simple sewing project perfect for young makers or those new to sewing technique. Plus, there’s tons of room to be creative! Don’t miss
our inventive suggestions at the end.


  • Soft fabric, NO SYNTHETIC FABRIC. Stick to cotton, wool, etc. Synthetic fabrics will melt if they are accidentally left in the microwave too long.
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Rice
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing machine
  • An adult helper
  • Cinnamon, lavender, or other nice smelling spice (optional)

Step 1:

To make a small hand warmer rice bag, cut 2 squares of fabric approximately 5”x5” each. To make a larger pillow, cut 2 squares approximately 10”x10” each.

pinningStep 2:

Place the squares right sides together (this means with the patterned or colored side of the fabric on the inside) and pin 3 sides, leaving one side open. The pins will guide you where to sew, while the open side allows you to flip it right side out.

Step 3:

Using the sewing machine, sew the 3 sides that are pinned. You want these stitches to be nice and tight so that the rice doesn’t fall out. Make sure to do a few backstitches on the ends.

materials2Step 4:

Turn your bag right side out. Fill with a small amount of stuffing, rice, and scent if desired. Be sure to leave about an inch of space between the filling and the edge of the opening. For a bag that will heat thoroughly, fill with equal parts stuffing and rice.

Step 5:

Fold the open edge of the bag over twice, pin shut. Sew the opening closed, running a backstitch the whole way across the seam.


You now have your very own reusable heating bag. Microwave it for 30 seconds at a time on a medium heat setting until it’s warm.

Creative Ideas:

  • Cut open a small seam on a stuffed animal, replace some of the stuffing with rice. Stitch closed. Now you have a heated friend!
  • Sew a smaller rice bag to fit inside a larger stuffed animal or pillow. Sew a zipper on the larger pillow. Now you can remove the rice bag if the pillow needs to be washed.
  • Sew a pair of small squares and fill with rice only. Give them as a gift of hand warms that can slip inside a pair of gloves.
  • Reverse! Throw fuzzy in the freezer to use it as an ice pack!


 Theresa Baughman is an eclectic maker whose interests span from hat making to engineering! She is a member of Steel Town Etsy and lives and studies in Pittsburgh, PA. She recently visited The MAKESHOP at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh for an afternoon of warm-fuzzy-making with makers of all ages! Learn more about Theresa’s work and visit her hat shop on Etsy.com.



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