Gumball Machine Fish Tank

No, your eyes are not deceiving you:  that is a goldfish swimming in a gumball machine.

Click here for steps to make this from

Here at The MAKESHOP Show, we love creative ideas for reusing old things and we know kids do, too. So we’re sharing this project idea for transforming an old gumball machine into a real, usable fish tank! PLUS, these instructions will also teach you the basics for turning other vessels into comfy fish homes.

Click here for the how-to on by maker wold630.

Some important notes on this project:

We like how thoughtful wold360 was about designing this tank for its new function: a safe home for pet fish! You can learn how to create your own unconventional fish tank by noting these important design steps:

  • Seal the bottom of the water vessel so it holds water without leaking (in this case, by adding a new piece of glass and sealing it with aquarium sealant)
  • Score, cut and file a new piece of glass (see Safety Note below).
  • Use aquarium sealant that’s nontoxic to living fish.
  • Remember to allow easy access for feeding your fish and cleaning the tank.

To get you thinking, we found some other surprising examples of junk objects creatively reused into fish tanks.

What would YOU use? Share your ideas with us at

*SAFETY NOTE: This project absolutely requires an adult maker to help you with scoring and cutting a circle of glass to seal the bottom of the fishbowl.  Please make sure you have an adult helper before starting.


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