Giant Wooden Xylophone

Kid makers, we know you love GIANT stuff! So we know you’ll get excited by this easy-to-build xylophone made from giant 2’x4’s. Click here for instructions. Hang it from a favorite tree or your bedroom door – we even built one into a bench here in the MAKESHOP™.  Special thanks to Chris Bandy of Bandy Woodworks and his co-hosts in this episode, Asher and Eden!

SAFETY NOTE: This project involves basic hand tools for woodworking, like saws. Ask an adult to teach you as you build together and always be very careful when using tools of any kind. 

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Maker Interview: Wooden Toymaking

Watch this maker interview with woodworker Chris Bandy of Bandy Woodworks! Chris visited The MAKESHOP™ with his collection of handmade wooden toys and woodworking tools. Kid makers helped him sand, saw and stain to create tic-tac-toe boards, puzzles, trucks and more. Bandy Woodworks uses local, sustainable wood, so Chris also brought rough logs and photos to show kids where he gathers fallen trees for the wood to make his toys.

  • See Chris’s handmade wooden toys at Bandy Woodworks website!
  • Click here for a slideshow of Chris’s visit to the MAKESHOP and blog post about it by MAKESHOP teaching artist, Kevin.


© 2012 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh