Recycled Planter


Using household recyclables to create a planter is a fun and simple way to make your home or classroom a  little “greener”, and does its own watering!  It’s perfect for starting seeds indoors and growing seedlings until they’re big enough to plant in your garden.

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Cardboard Canoe

Can you build a canoe out of cardboard and tape that could really float your weight?

You can! All you need is simple materials you have at home like cardboard duct tape and …. the formula for displacement so your canoe is bouyant. That means your canoe has to be big enough to push away (displace) the right amount of water so you float (are bouyant).

Design Challenge: We gave 2 maker teams all they needed to design and build their own cardboard canoes to float in the 53′ water table at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The results were super creative – and we learned how to build a canoe that would really work! Special thanks to our adventurous makers Kristin, Marie, Dave and Christian.

Do It Yourself: Of course, this is The MAKESHOP Show: we want YOU to make it yourself at home. Below are all the instructions you’ll need to make your very own cardboard canoe:

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Peek at our Pinterest

Giant Lite Brite: Peg Board, Christmas Lights

This pin inspired our Giant DIY Light Brite video.
Source: via MakeShop Angela on Pinterest

At The MAKESHOP Show,  we’re constantly dreaming up projects to get kid-makers motivated to invent, play and gain experience with new materials and tools. We find ideas of projects to develop for you in many different ways. One way is through Pinterest, a website to organize and share fascinating things on the web. It’s like an online pinboard. For a sneak peek at new project ideas, visit our MAKESHOP Show Pinterest Boards.

Once we choose ideas, we submit those ideas to a vote by kids! Stay tuned to for upcoming votes on future projects.

Email us YOUR ideas of things you want to learn how to make at

Keep Calm and Make On!


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Special Feature! Junk Pile Party: Shelter

Kid makers told us they loved the idea of a contest where teams compete to build the coolest thing … out of junk! So The MAKESHOP Show is proud to present our first Junk Pile Party special feature, filmed live at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in March. Two teams lead by kid captains competed with the theme of SHELTER, 45 minutes and a pile of junk including a parasol, upholstery fabric and a hubcap. The two teams in this episode are Tori’s Toolmasters and Heavenly Creations.

The next Junk Pile Party: A Place to Sit will be Saturday, May 13 at 3:30 p.m. in the Museum Theater and is free, Museum admission not included. We’re also hunting for 2 maker teams, including a captain age 7-12 and at least 1 adult. E-mail to sign up!

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