Glove Stuffed Animal

Click here for instructions to make your own glove stuffed animal.

This glove chipmunk is a great way to upcycle an extra glove that has lost its match. He would make a fun toy for you, your kid brother OR your favorite pet!

Click here for project instructions by maker Miyako Kanamori, including a link to her book full of instructions on how to make things with old gloves.

Finger puppets are also an easy way project to make from old gloves. Click here for a basic tutorial and fun inspiration ideas from

We wonder what other creatures you could make out of a lost glove …. what about a mitten fish? Or sock earthworm? What would you make? Tell us at

SAFETY NOTE: Hand sewing projects are great ways to learn basic maker skills but maker sure an adult helper is nearby to teach and supervise you. Always be careful with sharp tools like needles and scissors, kid makers.

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