What is MAKESHOP™?

MAKESHOP™ is a space for hands-on building and tinkering with old and new technologies, exciting projects and cutting-edge media.  Do-it-yourself with electronics, sewing machines and woodworking alongside some of the coolest indie crafters, hackers and inventors in Pittsburgh! Here you can mess around with materials, tools and techniques, play around with ideas and make things together. You can investigate how things work, discover new materials and learn new techniques and skills. MAKESHOP is an exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

The educational philosophy of the MAKESHOP is the foundation of THE MAKESHOP SHOW. We began with a belief in open-ended making with old and new technologies and from there began to develop how originally-produced online content can bridge the exhibit with the home and community. In practice, the show is often filmed in the MAKESHOP and visitors participate on camera in various ways, as hosts or “live studio audiences” and off camera by voting on future featured projects.

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